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Our Natural, Organic, & Vegan Hair/Face/Body Scent List!

Our List is Constantly Growing!

Make Sure to Check in to See New Scent Additions!! 

Multisex Soaps

Beach Linen
Black Cherry Merlot
Black Currant Absinthe
Black Currant Tea
Black Raspberry Vanilla

Black Sea
Cactus Flower Jade
Calla Lily
Caribbean Teakwood
Cranberry Apple Marmalade
Cucumber Melon
Day at the Spa
Hibiscus Palm
High Tide
Honeysuckle Jasmine
Mango & Coconut Milk
Mimosa & Mandarin
Moon Lake Musk
Ocean Breeze
Rose Petal
Santal & Coconut
Sea Minerals
Sea Salt & Orchid
Strawberry Melon
Toasted Coconut
Water Mint Clementine
White Currant
White Sage & Lavender
White Tea

Woodland Pine

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