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Natural Organic Vegan Luxurious Bath Bombs


Natural/Organic/Vegan/Hand Made Bath-bombs

Our rich and luxurious bath bombs!


-Small 1.75 inch for only $5.50!

-Large 2.25 inch for only $8.50!

-Heart or Diamond shaped 2.25 inch for Only $6.00!

- We LOVE special Events Our Special Occasion Bath Bombs are only $6.00!

-Throw in any additives such as Rose Pedals, Lavender, Rosemary, Chamomile, Lotus Flower, Orchid, or Sweet Jasmine for only $1.00 more!


Our Bath Bombs are amazing for:

* Moisturizing

* Soft Supple Skin

* Hydration

* Soothes Body Aches

* Detox Skin

* Amazing Aromatherapy

* Improves Sleep

* Create a Relaxing and Tranquil Experience

* PH Balancing


Made with the Best Organic, Natural, & Vegan Oils, Salts, Kaolin Clays,  Florals and Mica Powder for Coloring they will leave your skin feeling smooth, soft, hydrated, and your senses relaxed and refreshed!  Perfect for after a long day


(Bath Bombs will not stain tubs or skin. Bath Bombs WILL NOT cause infections or irritate skin)


All of our products are Natural, Organic and Vegan so there are NO HARSH CHEMICALS and only the BEST Oils, Clays, Powders and Cleansers.

100% guaranteed.

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