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Natural Organic Vegan Hand Made Whipped Body Butters!

Natural/Organic/Vegan Whipped Body Butter

Our Whipped Body Butters are amazing for:

* Daily Moisturizing

* Forms a protective barrier

* Eliminates dry dead skin

* Reduces inflammation and redness

* Reduces Wrinkle Appearance

* Evens skins tones

* Soothes Dry, Itchy, Cracked Skin

* Makes Skin Lushly Soft

* Eliminates Dry, Cracked, Even Bleeding Feet!

And so much more!

Available in these scents:

* Black Amber Plum

* Black Cherry Merlot (edible)

* Black Raspberry Vanilla (edible)

* Blueberry Cheesecake (edible)

* Brandied Pear (edible)

* Cashmere Plum (edible)

* Cucumber Melon (edible)

* Fruitywhoos (edible)

* Honeysuckle Jasmine

* Lavender

* Mango coconut milk

* Mimosa and Mandarin

* Original unscented (edible)

* Peppermint mocha

* Pina Coloda (edible)

* Rainwater

* Vanilla (edible)

All of our products are Natural, Organic and Vegan so there are NO HARSH CHEMICALS and only the BEST OILS and Cleansers.

100% guaranteed.

© 2022 EG, Elegant Glim Est: 2015

All products are Trademarked via Elegant Glim. Copying will subject to legal action.

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